Lions production
Lion gargoyle
Lion gargoyle

By  discharging rainwater visibly and tangibly  the municipality of West Maas & Waal wants to raise awareness of the route rainwater covers.

The design “leeuwse waterspuwer”  or “Lion Gargoyle”, has become the visable defining feature in the disconnecting of the foul- and surface water sewage in the community.

In a playfull manner, the lion gargoyle contributes to a more durable and energy sufficient watermanagement system.

The first 50 lions gargoyles are installed at the plot boundaries, spilling their water onto the public pavement were it goes further through artificial rivers and ponds into the ground and to existing surface water systems.

municipality of West Maas & Waal
van Wanrooij project development
Struyk Verwo
Special thanks to:
de Kernen
Jan Wieger van den Berg